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9 Things You Must Know When You Buy Electric Height Adjustable Desk

Electric height adjustable table has become popular recently as people started understanding the importance of ergonomic workspaces. With technological advancement in every field and equipment, desks remained no exception. Introduction of electric height adjustable desks created a revolution among the working professional with its beneficial features and comfort. Installation of an electric height adjustable table helps to customize the height as one prefers and can switch between sitting and standing positions while working effortlessly. However, while you are looking to buy an electric height adjustable desk, you should remember a few things that you won’t regret later. So, here are 9 things you must know while you buy an electric height adjustable desk.

Quality and Durability

The first and foremost thing one should check while buying an electric height adjustable table is quality and durability. Look for the material manufacturers are offering. Aluminium and Steel are excellent materials for providing stability, support and long-term durability. Also, ensure that the desk can hold the weight suitable for your needs. Checking these things beforehand helps to avoid potential damage or malfunction in future.

Height adjustment range 

While buying an electric height adjustable table, check the height adjustment range of the desk. An ideal table should serve a wide range of heights for users that can help you to work while sitting or standing comfortably. Check the minimum and maximum level of height that aligns with your requirements.

Speed and noise level 

The adjustment speed and noise differ in every table. Some desks are quick to adjust, while some take a few moments. Also, some electric height adjustable desks make less noise. You can understand your preferences and workplace environment to choose the right desk that appropriately meets your needs.

Control panel and Programmable memory 

For hassle-free functioning of the desk, examine the control panel of the desk. A user-friendly control panel with intuitive buttons makes the adjustment task easier and smooth. Also, the adjustment table with the programmable memory option helps you to save your preferences for the height setting. The saved settings help to make easy and quick adjustments in a single click while using it further.

Stability and anti-collision mechanism 

Ensuring the stability of the desk ensures safety and prevents accidents while working. Look for a desk having a sturdy base and a reliable anti-collision mechanism. This feature helps to detect obstacles and holds the desk in one place without moving. Anti-collision helps to reduce the risk of injuries and damage to objects.

Cable management

The electric height adjustable table you seek should offer better cable management options. While you buy a desk, look if built-in cable trays or cable management systems are available. These features will help you keep your workspace organized and free from cables spread everywhere.

Weight capacity and work surface

Ensure the weight capacity of the desk and see if it accommodates your equipment and accessories. Also, you should check the size and surface area of the desk to ensure the work essentials such as monitors, keyboards and documents, and other stuff accommodates well.

Assembly and Installation

Check if there is a requirement for desk assembly and it is provided with clear instructions. Some desks come pre-assembled, and some with the right process to assemble the one. You can determine which one you would like to opt for according to your skills.

Warranty and Customer Support

Finally, you should check the warranty the manufacturer offers. A warranty for an electric height adjustable table will ensure the manufacturer’s confidence in the product quality. Also, you will understand the company offers reliable customer support and will assist you during any mishaps after purchasing the product.

Considering all these factors, you can buy an electric height adjustable table to accomplish your ergonomic needs. It is truly beneficial for the professionals working in the office as it offers to relax and help maintain a proper posture throughout the day. If you are looking for a reliable electric height adjustment table, Jin Office Solutions is the right place. We offer office ergonomic products manufactured using advanced technology that precisely adheres to US quality standards. Installing these modern ergonomic products in your office helps increase your productivity and benefits your overall health by offering comfort.

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