Jin office solutions has a very wide variety of height adjustable desks. We have electric as well as manual height adjustable desks. In the electric version you can adjust the height of the desk with the press of a button because it has motors in . In the manual version there is hand crank in which you have to adjust the height of the desk with a hand crank. There is also a hydraulic version where the height can be adjusted with the press of a lever.

We also deal in a variety of other ergonomic products like

Monitor Stand, Adjustable Computer Workstations, Laptop Stands, Cpu Holders And Other Accessories

·         Height adjustable- sit to stand with the press of a button

·         Adjustable width

·         Weight capacity from 70 to 150 kg

·         Thicker metal gauge for increased stability

·         Internationally certified as per specifications

·         Product tested multiple times at factory

·         Delivery all over india

Height Adjustable Desk Accessories


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