How To Adjust Your Monitor Arm in a Work from Home Environment

As Work from Home becomes the norm in the post-pandemic world, it is becoming increasingly crucial to ensure that work environment is as conducive, ergonomic, and productive as possible. To this end, monitor arm stands act as the perfect office accessory that helps improve your posture, reduces any unwanted strain, and most importantly enhances your efficiency. That said, as a starter you may need some help adjusting your monitor arm to ensure optimal comfort. It is for this very reason that we present to you this quick and precise guide with 5 tips on how to adjust your monitor arm

Tip 1 – Adjust the Eye Level

Make sure that the upper 1/3rd part of your monitor is at your eye level. This will help you look straight at the screen without any unnatural starching or straining of the neck or eye.

Tip 2 – Centre Your Monitor

Next, centre your monitor such that it is right in front of you and not oriented towards either of the sides. This will ensure that you can comfortably look at the screen all along, without putting any strain on your neck and shoulders.

tip2 - centre monitor on monitor stand

Tip 3 – Place the Monitor at Arm’s Length

The most recommended distance for comfortable viewing of a screen is the good old 1-arm distance. Make sure to place your monitor at this very distance. It will ensure that you don’t need to crane your neck forward or tilt it back while attempting to read.

Tip 4 – Tilt Your Monitor Backwards

Ideally, there shouldn’t be a direct light source placed behind your monitor. If however there’s such a source, simply tilt your monitor towards the back by 10-20 degrees. This will help you avoid any unwanted glare or reflection.

Tip 5 – Buy VESA Standard Monitors

Make sure that you only buy monitors compliant with VESA standard, i.e. they have 4 holes, either 100×100 mm or 75×75 mm at the back, as only this pattern will help your attach your monitor to the arm. If you’re purchasing an Apple monitor, specify this particular requirement while placing the order.

We are sure, simply adjusting your monitor using these crucial tips will help you enjoy a farm more productive and ergonomically conducive work environment at home!

What are some of the benefits of Monitor Arm Stands?

benefits of monitor arm

In addition to helping you save some much-needed desk space, monitor arm stands offer multiple benefits including but not limited to –

  • Enhanced Ergonomics
  • Prevention of Eye Strain
  • Increased Productivity
  • Compact Workspace Design

Are there any features of Monitor Arm Stands that I should know about?

Yes. At Jin Office Solutions, we believe in offering office accessories that are as pragmatic as you could possibly imagine. Our monitor mounts are designed with multiple features including –

  • Quick-release VESA Plate
  • Adjustable Gas Spring
  • Built-in 180-degree rotation stop
  • Cable Management System
  • Rear Tool Holder
  • Key Hole Pattern Installation System

Your Wish is Our Command

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