How to Buy the Best Monitor Arm in India?

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If you have been on the lookout for a monitor arm, we bet you must have found yourself battling with way too many doubts. Now that you’re here, we will help you understand precisely what aspects you need to consider before purchasing a monitor arm for your desktops! 

Vesa Compliance

This is one of the first and foremost aspects that need your attention. Your choice of monitor arm will largely depend on whether or not it is VESA compliant, as most arms are designed to accommodate VESA compliant monitors. In case you have your eyes set on a monitor stand that is compliant when your computer (such as iMac) isn’t an accessory like VESA Adapter Kit For Non-VESA Monitor might prove to be exceptionally useful. 


Your knowledge of the number of monitors you wish to use, as well as the desired arrangement of these monitors, will help you take your pick from single, dual as well as multiple monitor arm stands. Of course, there are only a select few manufacturers such as Jinn Office Solutions who offer monitor arm stands that are designed to support three or more monitors.


Regardless of the number of monitors you wish to use, it is important that you choose an arm or a monitor stand that has the capacity to bear the weight of the screen(s). In case, you want a multiple monitor arm, you must also know the dimensions of the monitor to see if your chosen arm can comfortably hold the monitors as per your need. 

Pro Tip: In case of monitor stands the acceptable sizes are mentioned as left-right (breadth) unlike the conventional diagonal corner to corner measurement. 

Width of the Desk

This is probably an aspect that is often overlooked. Make sure to know the exact width (depth) of your desk for which you’re purchasing the monitor arm, especially if you’re working from a cubicle or if your desk is set up against a wall and cannot be moved for some reason. In such a case, your goal should be to find a monitor arm that is equal to or less than the width of your desk. 


Why should I use a Monitor Arm Stand?

Not only can a Monitor Arm hold your monitor at a height and an angle that ensures minimal stress on your neck and shoulders, but also allows you to view the screen at your natural eye-level. All of this combines makes your day-to-day work much more comfortable and stress free.

Moreover, a monitor arm stand frees up desk space such that it is much easier to keep your things organised helping you enhance your productivity. 

Your Wish is Our Command

Buying your work from home furniture from a trusted supplier such as Jinn Office Solutions, means you don’t have to worry about the delivery and setup of your new remote office. Monitor Arm Stand is an investment that will prove to be completely worth your while.  So, wait no more, before you choose a Single, Dual, or Multiple Monitor Arm Stand and enhance your productivity as you work from home.

All our products are widely available across the nation, through our trusted network of distributors! 

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