JIN OFFICE SOLUTIONS is a distributor and supplier of a very wide range of ergonomic products. Some of those products are
CPU Holder stand, laptop stand, keyboard trays and footrests. Each of these accessories is helpful in some way or the other.<br>
CPU HOLDER STAND- Helps to mount the cpu under the desk. The cpu holder stand thus protects the cpu because it elevates the cpu from ground level. When the cpu is mounted under the desk with cpu holder stand then it is protected from dust, water and kicks of the leg. The sliding cpu holder stand also helps in pulling the cpu in and out of the desk like a drawer
<br>LAPTOP STAND- A Laptop stand or a laptop riser helps to elevate the laptop to the optimum eye level of the person. Laptop stand prevents neck and back strain because when a person views a laptop at eye level he does not need to slouch or bend while viewing. Laptop stands also help to cool the laptop from down below which in turn boosts performance of the batter and extends battery life as well
We also have other ergonomic products like Height Adjustable DeskMonitor StandLaptop Stand, Cpu Holder And Ergonomic Accessories

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