JIN OFFICE SOLUTIONS is a leading distributor and supplier of ergonomic office products and accessories. Wall mount computer workstations are an all in one setup for monitor, keyboard as well as a CPU in 1 mount. When there is very less space to mount a computer then it is a wall mount computer workstation that provides the answer. Wall mount computer workstations are also height adjustable and so they also provide a sit to stand desk solution to the user. We also provide a range of other ergonomic solutions such as Height Adjustable DeskMonitor StandLaptop Stand, Cpu Holder And Ergonomic Accessories


1. SPACE SAVING. Space is money in todays world. The more space that is saved the more benefit the company gets. The workstations can be mounted in less space and they arrange the monitor keyboard and other peripherals in a very compact manner
2. SIT TO STAND WHILE WORKING. The workstations are height adjustable which in turn allows the employee to sit as well as stand while working on his desk. Standing while working has a host of health befits like reduction in cholestrol, blood pressure and risk of heart disease.
3. USE IN HOSPITALS- ll the hospitals require computer workstation mounting solutions because they do not have desks to mount the computer. So this all in one computer setup can be mounted in small space next to the patient which is convenient for the doctors viewing
4. TEMPORARY WORKSPACE. They make for a great temporary workspace in a library or a canteen because they occupy such a less amount of space. Companies do not want to invest in creating desk and other infrastructure in the less frequented areas. Such computer workstations are the solution. It can make for a great temporary where an employee can access his mail or work for a short span of time
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