monitor stands for work from home environement in 2021

How to Pick the Right Style Monitor stand in 2021, For Work for Home Environment

There was a time when working from home meant sitting in your PJs all day, and possibly lounging on your couch. Unfortunately, the year gone by made us akin to the harsh realities of this phenomenon, and now we all know the significance of an ergonomic setup, especially the one which is the most befitting to the health and well-being of our neck and shoulder. If you too are on the lookout for a working environment that is not only efficient but equally comfortable than a monitor arm will prove to be just the perfect pick for you!

What is a Monitor Stand?

Before you go ahead and google this question, let us answer it for you in the most concise manner possible. A Monitor Arm as the name suggests is essentially a mechanical arm that is attached to a desk, wall, or in some cases even the ceiling, and holds your monitor at a height or an angle that is convenient for you! What’s more? A monitor stand can easily adjust to your working style – whether you like to work at a conventional sitting desk, a standing desk, or the cutting edge height adjustable desk!

How to Pick the Right Style Monitor stand?

To make ‘Work From Home’ something that truly works for you, simply picking any monitor isn’t going to do the trick. There are some aspects that will need your attention before you go online and place your order for a Single, Dual, or Multiple Monitor Arm Stand. Let us take a quick look at these aspects –

  • The Weight of Your Monitor(s)

Knowing the weight of your monitor(s) will help you keep an eye on the right capacity of the monitor stands that you are intending to buy. If the arm’s capacity isn’t quite as much as the weight of your monitor, you might have to look for other options. 

  • VESA Compliance of your Monitor 

Knowing whether or not your monitor is VESA compliant will help you pick a monitor arm that is compatible with your screen. In order for any mount to be screwed in most monitors come with a set of standard mounting having the dimensions usually 300x60x280mm (11.8″x2.4″x11″)  The size might however differ, in the case of larger monitors. 

When you begin to browse suitable monitor stands you will always see a mention of the fact that the arm is made only for VESA compliant monitors, or can be used for non-compliant screens as well.  Your choice of a befitting monitor arm stand will largely depend on this factor. 

In case your monitor doesn’t comply with VESA, you can purchase aftermarket brackets which will help the monitor seamlessly attach to a VESA compliant arm stand.

  • The Number of Monitors

Knowing the number of monitors, and better yet knowing the exact arrangement of the monitors that you intend to use will help you pick the most-suited single, dual, or multi-monitor stand. After all, the much-desired efficiency can only be achieved if your chosen monitor stand has the ability to accommodate all your screens in a way that is conducive to your working style. 

  • The Depth of Your Desk

A monitor stand often comes in varying lengths, hence knowing the depth of your desk will help you pick an arm with a comparable length. 


Which Style of Monitor Stand Should I Go For?

There is a wide variety of monitor stands that are available, however, the monitor arm stands that you should pick primarily depend on how long you will be working from home. Or if you are in an office environment – how long will you be working from the desk that has currently been assigned to you.  That said, let us take a look at some of the most prominent monitor arm stand styles available in the market –

  • Free Standing Arm Stand – As the name suggests, this arm is the simplest in the application, as it sits at the back of your desk, behind the screen, and holds your monitor at the desired height. This is useful when you know that you will be changing desks in the near future.
  • Desk Clamp Mounted Arm Stand – Yet another pick for a short-term desk, this type of arm clamps to the desk thereby holding your monitor via a horizontal arm.
  • Grommet Mounted Arm Stand – Ideal for a permanent setting, this type of arm comes from a grommet hole, which might need to be drilled in your desk. This type of arm is popular thanks to the unmatched stability it offers. 
  • Wall or Ceiling Mounted Arm Stand– As you may have guessed, this type of arm is usually secured to the wall or ceiling adjacent to our desk. Needless to say, it is one of the most permanent solutions out there. 

We hope that you are now equipped with the in-depth knowledge about picking the right style of monitor stand that will help you glide through the new normal of Work from Home, which seems to remain persistent throughout 2021!  

What are the benefits of using a monitor stand for my home office?

Well, a monitor stand comes with a wide range of benefits, the most prominent of which are as follows – 

  • It can hold your monitor at a height and an angle that ensures no pressure or strain, whatsoever on your neck and shoulders. 
  • A monitor stand diminishes the possibility of computer vision syndrome and ensures that your eyes enjoy a strain-free view all day, every day.
  • Working from home often means lack of space, a problem that can be easily tackled through the use of a monitor stand.. Since the stand can hold up your monitor, you can use almost every inch of your valuable desk space and as a result, be much more organised.
  • Thanks to the almost natural and thoroughly seamless work experience that it offers, a monitor stand can bring about a radical increase in your productivity levels.

Your Wish is Our Command

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