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Dual Monitor Stands And Arms

Jin Office Solutions provides sophisticated monitor standsfor modern workplaces. We have monitor stands for desk, table, and wall mount, depending on your need. Flexibility is important while you work and therefore, we provide stands for single, dual, and multiple monitors so that you can work better and more efficiently. Our products are used by offices, homes, schools, retail stores, and big institutions.

Types of Monitor Stands

Single Monitor Stands

Enjoy the 360-degree flexibility from our single stands which are designed ergonomically to make your work simple and healthy. The gas spring offsets the weight of your screen and the slide-in VESA plate makes installation easy. Choose from our single monitor mount gas spring, LCD stand, additional laptop tray, tabletop desk mount and single monitor wall mount to impart a touch of professionalism to your workstation.

Dual Monitor Stand for Desk

Many employees need to have many aspects on their screen at once and two screens have lots of advantages while working. Jin Office Solutions has dual monitor arms with horizontal, vertical, and customized arrangements to make your working experience seamless. Explore our dual monitor stand for the table, back-to-back dual stands and articulating stands for enhanced flexibility.

Multiple Monitor Stands

We offer multiple monitor arms for users who have a very specific and in-detailed job. You can select three, four or even more stands depending on your job requirements. Our Triple Screen Stand, Quad Monitor Articulating Stand and Four Monitor Desk Mount Arms are efficient and power-packed with modern features.   

Benefits of Monitor Stands

  • MOUNTING MULTIPLE MONITORS– Nowadays with the increased dependence on technology, and the nature of work many people prefer to work on more than 1 monitor. A vast majority of employees either need or prefer to work on 2 or more monitors. It is in such scenarios that brackets come into the picture. Thankfully for them, Dual Monitor Stands help to mount more than one monitor. This enables employees to work with 1 or more computers which increases productivity and creates a positive work environment. Happy employees mean profitable business.
  •  SPACE SAVING– Monitor arms, especially wall mount monitor stands help save the much-needed valuable desk space. More often than not, when a person wants to work on multiple monitors, they do not have sufficient desk space available to accommodate all the screens.  Hence, it helps to mount multiple monitors on a dedicated computer monitor stand, thereby saving desk space.
  •  IMPROVES POSTURE– Monitor arms are height adjustable. This means that the height of the monitor mount can be adjusted as per the needs of the user. Adjustable monitor arms help the user to view the monitor at eye level rather than at desk level. Viewing the monitor at eye level helps improve the back and neck posture, thereby reducing any pain in these areas.
  • IMPROVES WORKING COMFORT– Monitor arms for desk help improve the overall working experience and comfort of a user. It makes the monitor height-adjustable and movable so as a result of this the user can view the monitor at whatever angle and tilt that they find comfortable. As these stands can be moved up-down and forward-back, users get the flexibility to work and don’t feel tired. They are also more likely to perform better when they get such modern facilities at work.
  •  INCREASED FOCUS– When a person uses brackets to mount multiple monitors together, it helps to arrange the monitors side by side using a multiple monitor stand. The monitors are arranged in such a way that there is no gap between them and it looks like a single screen. This increases focus and save time as the user can view numerous screens at once, gathering information swiftly and seamlessly.  Monitor mount can be adjusted completely as per your requirements so there is no strain on your neck and back. Long working hours are causing lots of health issues but by using our monitor stands, you can work without compromising on your health.
  • PREVENTS MONITOR FROM FALLING–  There are many times that a regular monitor can fall from the table with a simple push, etc. This is where having sturdy monitor arms for tables help. They hold on tightly to the monitor with the help of screws and so there is no chance of your expensive monitor falling from the desk at the office or home. Monitor stand for desk is mounted with a strong structure so there is no risk of falling and damaging.

Quality Offerings from Jin Office Solutions

We specialize in creating ergonomic products for offices and homes. Our team constantly innovates to provide desks and tables that help improve work productivity and reduce the health issues of long working hours. Due to our futuristic product designs, amazing features and quality offerings, many respected organizations trust us with their office workstation needs. Visit Jin Office Solutions’ website, explore our catalogue, choose from our wide variety of products and get world-class office desks. Our products undergo extensive testing and inspection to ensure we give you the best quality, always.  


Multitasking, Giving more Perfection to work, Ease to your task, and Time saving.

There are two installation features available, 1. Clap option 2. Drilling option. To get it installed you can Call us: 91-9930050967/ +91-9769695725, Email us:- [email protected]

At Jin, we provide a 3 years replacement warranty, fast delivery with the excellent quality of all the products. Contact us for a personal quotation. Call us on : +91-9930050967/ +91-9769695725, Email us: [email protected].

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