Mechanical Monitor Arm vs Hydraulic Monitor Arm – Which is Better

Mechanical Monitor Arm vs Hydraulic Monitor Arm – Which is Better?

Let us begin by understanding what is a monitor arm? Simply put, a monitor arm, also known as a monitor mount or arm stand is essentially a supportive arm designed to hold up the computer monitor(s), such that you have complete control over the placement, height, as well as the angle of the same. More often than not, the monitor arm is clamped to the desk’s rear end.  

Depending on the make, the design, range of height adjustment, and the number of monitors there is a wide variety of monitor stands available in the market. While these are external factors that differentiate between the types of monitor stands, the stands can also be categorised on the basis of internal factors, i.e. their movement mechanism, which is primarily of two types –

  • Mechanical (Spring) Monitor Arm

As the name suggests, Mechanical Monitor Stands are enabled with a mechanical mechanism made of coil springs. Since this mechanism isn’t dependent on multiple parts, it works quite efficiently throughout its lifetime, which can be easily up to 8 to 10 years. That said, these monitor arms aren’t very smooth to operate, and can be a little noisy. Moreover, they have a strong release force and therefore may require more physical strength to bring to the desired position and keep it stay put. 

One of the major advantages of a Mechanical Arm is that it can carry monitors of up to 15 kg without any glitches whatsoever. Yet another aspect where Mechanical Arms fair better is the number of monitors that they can carry. Their mechanism is ideal for single, dual, triple, and quadruple monitors alike. If need be, Mechanical Arm can even be designed to carry more than 4 monitors at once. 

Due to the basic mechanism used Mechanical Arms are inexpensive. Since they are fairly low maintenance and quite durable, they prove to be more cost-effective in the long run as well. 

  • Hydraulic (Gas) Monitor Arm

As you may have guessed, Hydraulic Arms are more sophisticated monitor stands that are enabled with a gas spring mechanism which enables exceptionally smooth and precise movement of the arm. Subsequently, this type of monitor arm makes it rather easy to adjust the monitor at the desired position. Right from complete 180-degree swivel to swift portrait-to-landscape rotation, these arms offer an incredible range of movement.

Not only does it enable a feather touch movement of the arm in almost any direction, but the hydraulic mechanism also ensures a noise-free movement. What’s more? Unlike Mechanical Arm, Hydraulic Arm promises perfectly counterbalanced presentation, making it ideal for users with comparatively low physical strength such as young students, elderlies, and disabled people. One of the most remarkable advantages of Hydraulic Arm is that they are designed to conceal all cables, thereby offering the much-desired sleek look. 

As may be evident, gas cylinders tend to shoot up the price of Hydraulic Arms. Moreover, prolonged use or gradual gas leaks can cause these arms to require annual maintenance. Even then, they may not last for over 5 years which inherently reduces their ROI. With changing times, however, there are now premium quality Hydraulic Arms available that easily last anywhere between 10 to 15 years.

That said, Hydraulic Arms are only suited for carrying monitors of up to 8 kg. Then again, these arms are designed to carry one or a maximum of two monitors at once, as the mechanism doesn’t allow for multiple monitors. 

We hope that you are now well aware of the unique aspects, advantages, limitations, and applications of both Mechanical Monitor Arm as well as Hydraulic Monitor Arm. So, go ahead and choose a monitor arm that best suits your needs and preferences, and introduce the much-needed element of ergonomics in your work life!  


  1. What are the various types of Monitor Arms?

Below mentioned are the various types of monitor arms, based on their design and the utility that they offer. 

  • Spring Mounts
  • Post Mounts
  • Wall Mounts
  • Rail Mounts
  • Laptop Mounts
  1. I don’t like the bulky black coloured monitor arms. Are there any other colours or finishes that monitor arms are available in? 

Yes, of course. In fact at Jinn Office Solutions, we understand this issue fairly well and therefore offer specially designed monitor arms that come in a rich and soothing aluminium finish for that premium look and appeal. Check out our most loved silver-hued Aluminium Monitor Stands –

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