Take a Stand for Your Health! 4 Tips That Will Help You Get Used to Standing Desks 

If you’re thinking about an adjustable standing desk, or you’ve just made the switch! An Adjustable Height Desk that allows you to sit, stand, lean, stretch, and do everything in between is a game changer. 

Buying a standing table is only the first step toward a more active work life, but don’t be intimidated. We’ve done the research, interviewed the experts, and compiled the best practices for maximising your experience, so you don’t have to. We’re here to assist you in customising for maximum productivity, creativity, health, and enjoyment. Read on if your desk is already set up or if you need help with how to get started with a standing desk. 

What advantages do standing desks have for your health? 

According to numerous studies, using a sit-stand desk has some very intriguing health advantages. This ergonomic desk can significantly reduce sedentary behaviours, which is another significant advantage. In fact, switching between sitting and standing helps break down sugars and fats, which lowers the likelihood of gaining weight. Last but not least, regularly altering your posture enhances your body’s blood circulation and oxygenation of the brain, which leads to increased concentration and better performance at work.  

4 Ways to Use Your Standing Desk: 

Many businesses have been investing in standing and sitting-oriented furniture for some time now, making it accessible to all employees who want to test out this new way of working. Here are a few tips that will help you make the most of your sit stand desk if you decide to get one so that you can benefit from its health advantages. 

  • Adjust Your Monitor and Height Adjustable Desk 

The key to increasing comfort and reducing the risk of office injuries is choosing the right height adjustable desk and computer monitor position. Your elbows should be roughly 90 degrees from the floor when you begin. Generally speaking, a desk should be 111 cm high for the average person. After making these adjustments, you won’t have to bend over to reach your keyboard. Pay close attention to where your feet are placed to correct your posture and relieve your lower back. It is advised that you stand with your feet flat on the ground to accomplish this. Don’t be afraid to invest in a footrest because it will work wonders for people who are smaller. 

  • Purchase a Quality Pair of Shoes 

However, standing for 15 minutes an hour is not that simple at first. Because if you’re not used to it, your legs, feet, and back will start to hurt. Therefore, you’ll need a comfortable pair of shoes to make them more bearable. You could develop foot pain, shin splints, and other issues if you don’t wear the right shoes. Standing will quickly become boring if you’re in pain, so it’s crucial to spend money on supportive, cushioned shoes. 

  • Adjust The Location of Your Mouse and Keyboard  

Your wrists may become fatigued from prolonged computer use. So, whether standing or sitting, it’s crucial to position your wrists optimally. The ideal angle is slightly wider (tilted upward) when standing compared to sitting. When typing while standing, always keep your wrists straight and your mouse and keyboard level. For the best support, think about using a gel mouse pad and adjustable keyboard support if you occasionally experience wrist pain. 

  • Have a Good Posture When Standing and Sitting  

When sitting, the back of your chair must constantly support your back. The backrest should be curved and padded in order to adapt to the shape of your back. A lousy sitting position puts more strain on your back’s discs and vertebrae, resulting in back pain. It is critical to have lumbar support to avoid putting pressure on the back’s discs and vertebrae. Because the majority of back pain is caused by a combination of sedentary habits and poor posture, following these guidelines will assist you in lowering the health risks associated with your sitting position. 

Improve Your Ergonomics with Electric Height Adjustable Table by Jin Office Solutions 

You must maintain proper posture, whether you are sitting or standing. Standing up straight is the best posture. Start slowly with your back, neck, and head straight in front of the computer. By following the tips for the Electric Height Adjustable Table mentioned above, you will be able to take advantage of the health and financial benefits offered by a standing desk

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