Electric vs. Manual Height Adjustable Table – Know How to Choose

Height-adjustable tables are popular for many reasons. They promote weight loss, improve productivity and are ergonomic. However, there is a debate over whether a manual or electric height adjustable table can adjust their desks according to their need. Many electric standing desks also come with additional features like Bluetooth connectivity so that users can incorporate other devices into their workspace.


Manual and electric standing desks have a significant price difference. This is due to the cost of parts and engineering needed to build them. Electric standing tables tend to cost more as they are more complex and come with features like pre-set desk heights. Manual standing desks offer basic features like raising and lowering. Depending on budget and requirements, most users find that a electric height adjustable table is worth the price.


Repairing a manual desk is much easier than an electric one. This is due to the complexity of electric components, which require professional expertise. Manual standing tables, however, can be repaired with simple household tools. One thing to remember here is that though manual tables have an advantage over repairability, electric desks are more reliable and less prone to damage.


The debate about which desks looks more appealing to the eye is highly subjective. It depends entirely on your preferences and design of your workspace. If you want a desk for a modern, high-end office, an electric height adjustable table can add luxury to your space. Manual standing tables are cumbersome due to their hand cranks so they can be difficult to integrate into a modern office space.

Which is the Better Option?

When choosing between electric and manual standing desks, there’s no right answer. Both the desks have their own set of advantages to cater to different preferences and needs. What we do know is that a standing desk allows you to reap the benefits of switching between sitting and standing like improved posture, reduced lumbar pain, improved focus and output due to increased blood circulation. The only time you should think about buying a manual adjustable table is when you are tight on a budget and need a new desk as soon as possible.

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