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How to Choose the Best monitor stand for Your Work Setup

The benefits of using a monitor stand for desks extends far beyond than ensuring a comfortable working posture and relieving eye strain. It also encourages movement and improves productivity but choosing the right monitor stand can be challenging as there are so many different options in the market.

How to Choose the Best Monitor Stand for Your Work Setup?

Size of the Monitor Stand

When you are choosing a monitor stand, two key considerations should be the size of the monitor and mounting surface. If you have a large mounting surface, you have endless options as the weight and length of the monitor arms are not a limiting factor but if you have a small desk, then you will need to be a little more selective. Remember, even if the monitor arm is lightweight, its height can cause the table to become unstable. While selecting a monitor arm, make sure to check its weight and dimensions.

Number of Monitors

Before buying a monitor stand for table, consider how many monitors it will support. If you use multiple screens, you can utilize the available space better by using a single monitor arm rather than multiple monitor holders.

Mounting Options

Most single and dual monitor arms will come with both clamp and gromet mounts. The clamp mount is designed to clamp on the side or back lip of the desktop. Make sure your desktop has enough of lip to support the size of the clamp mount. If your desktop does not have a lip or it is too small, you will need to use the grommet mount. The grommet mount is designed to fit in a standard grommet. The mounting hardware will include a plate that can be fitted in the grommet. Adjustment clamps can then be connected to the plate from below the desk. Both mounting systems work equally well just make sure you right one for your desk.


Most monitor stand brands offer multiple colour options like black, white or grey. Even though colour may not be the most important deciding factor for a desk, matching the colour of your desk to your monitor or surroundings can create a more seamless workspace. Moreover, it can also provide an accent colour if you feel your workstation needs a splash of colour.

Cord Management

This is a valuable but often ignored quality. Cords hanging from your monitor can make your workspace look untidy. Make sure the monitor stand you choose has an integrated cable management system so that you can keep those annoying cords and cables out of sight.


Even though a monitor stand works well for most people but if you are tall, a tall monitor arm will be a better choice for you. A standard desk might force you to gaze downward to match the height of the monitor. Over time, this can lead to eye strain, back pain and neck strain. A tall monitor mount generally has a centre pole height of 39 inches.

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