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Height Adjustable Desk For Your Office & Home

Experience the comfort and power of our Electric Height Adjustable Tables for enhanced flexibility to work. Adjust the height of the desk with just a press of a button and say goodbye to back and neck pain. Jin Office Solutions has cleverly designed these desks keeping in mind the long working hours of modern employees and how important it is to work without affecting their health.

Explore our wide variety of electric height adjustable tables with amazing features to help you work at your comfort and mood. An electric desk has motors in it to adjust the height and is a very simple yet effective mechanism. Choose from our adjustable tables with Single Motor, Dual Motor, Monitor Shelf, L-Shape Corner Triple Motor and give your workspace a modern and vibrant touch.

Experience the flexibility to work with our ultra-modern height adjustable desks. We understand that long working hours can be tiring and it is not healthy to be in the same posture for a prolonged time while working. Therefore, Jin Office Solutions have created desks and tables whose height can be adjusted as per your mood and working habits. You can sit or stand while you do your job with the help of our products. Our height adjustable tables come with various modern features and adjustment techniques. In the electric adjustable desk, you can adjust the height with the press of a button while in the manual type, we have given a hand crank. We also have a hydraulic version in which you can increase or decrease the height with the help of a lever.

Our Products:

In electric type, we have amazing products such as dual motor height adjustable desk, 2 layered standing desk, 3-stage dual motor desk and L-shape corner triple sit stand desk. These adjustable tables are elegant and durable, provide smooth height adjustments and have our proprietary Gyro-Current Collision Avoidance System to detect and avoid objects in its movement. The motors in these electric desks are thermal and overload protected for safety and longevity.   If you are looking for a manual type height adjustment, we provide manual sit stand desks, desks with a top standing table and trolley for the computer, manual adjustable table for standing and a tiltable split board. Our manual height adjustable desks have robust designs, strong build material and enable an efficient work environment. They are created for durable performance and to withstand heavy and repeated use. For hydraulic type, Jin Office Solutions offer a hydraulic laptop and mobile table, airlift manual standing desk, hydraulic laptop desk and sit to stand desk converter. With pneumatic height adjustment and heavy-duty casters, our products impart powerful and strong desks for your workstation. We also provide demo and consultation for all our products so that you can check and be sure which product is best suitable for your needs. Contact us and let us help you.

Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

Modern working has become stressful due to the need to be at the screen for 9-10 hours every day. It is not healthy to stare at the computer or laptop constantly with the same posture as there can be the dangers of neck pain, back pain and heart issues. Our height adjustable tables eliminate these problems by giving the flexibility to increase or decrease the height of desks as per your work habit so that you can work efficiently without any burden on your health.

  • Our product designs are sophisticated and vibrant which makes the workplace professional and modern. Employees love to work from such elegant desks and it improves their productivity. It eventually creates a happy and fun work culture. Moreover, our sit stand desks are also ideal if you are working from home.
  • PREVENTING AND REDUCING MUSCLE PROBLEMS– When we tend to sit at our desk the whole day our muscles especially our glutes and leg muscles become weak. Then when we want to stand we cannot stand for a long time and then are legs start to pain. Thus we must sit as well as stand while working continuously.
  • PREVENTING POOR CIRCULATION– Sitting for long periods of time result in all the blood and fluids collecting in your legs all the time. This leads to swollen ankles and varicose veins. To prevent this we must use a height-adjustable desk at work where we can continuously keep moving at the desk.
  • IMPROVEMENT IN BRAIN ACTIVITY– When we are continuously sitting in one place all the blood tends to be collected around the body. At the same time when we use a height-adjustable table, we tend to move more and our brain experiences less fatigue and tiredness.
  • PREVENTING HEART DISEASE– When we tend to stay seated in one place all the time without, much activity our muscles are also relaxed all the time. This leads to less strain on muscles and increases cholesterol and fat levels all the body. When we stand up at our desk we move more and become more active. Thus a standup desk reduces the risk of heart attack
  • REDUCING BACK AND NECK PROBLEMS– Staying seated all the time leads to uneven pressure on the spine in one part of the spine only. This leads to great strain on the back as well as the neck. This in turn could lead to severe problems in the future. Sit-to-stand desks are a great way to avoid such problems because they make sure that we standup for some time at work. Standing only for at least 15 minutes per hour on a standup desk greatly reduces back and neck problems.
  • IMPROVEMENT IN PRODUCTIVITY– Using a standing desk greatly alters the mood levels of the person that is using it. Standing desks contribute to improving productivity because they elevate the mood and spirit of employees and have a positive impact on their overall well being
  • REDUCING WEIGHT GAIN- Height adjustable computer table reduces the risk of unhealthy weight gain. We burn a lot more fat in our bodies while standing as compared to sitting all the time. This burning of more fat, in turn, lead to weight loss because more calories are burnt while standing. The height-adjustable computer table in turn is a very beneficial tool for an individual.

Quality Offerings from Jin Office Solutions

We specialize in creating ergonomic products for offices and homes. Our team constantly innovates to provide desks and tables that help improve work productivity and reduce the health issues of long working hours. Due to our futuristic product designs, amazing features and quality offerings, many respected organizations trust us with their office workstation needs. Visit Jin Office Solutions’ website, explore our catalogue, choose from our wide variety of products and get world-class office desks. Our products undergo extensive testing and inspection to ensure we give you the best quality, always.  


Maximum weight capacity of adjustable height desks is 70 to 100 kg. Yes, we are offering warranty on top quality products with fast delivery all over India.

At Jin more than 6 types of Height adjustable desks are available with Electric standing desks, manual adjustable desks, single motor height, dual motor height adjustable desk, hydraulic adjustable desks & many more.

At Jin Office Solutions, we supply different range of height adjustable desks as per your comfort in all over india with warranty, fast delivery with top quality ergonomic products solutions for home and offices.

Reduction in back pain, Preventing & reducing muscle problems, Increase Work Productivity, Preventing heart disease, Improve mood & energy levels, Helps to lower blood sugar level, Reducing weight gain.

To buy the adjustable height table, hit the “Enquire now” or “Get Quote” button. Contact us on +91-9930050967/ +91-9769695725. Email us on [email protected]/ [email protected]. Yes, it comes with the 3 years replacement warranty.

A Sit Stand Desk is a thoughtful combination designed with a seated desk & a standing desk that allows the user to adjust the height according to the convenience, whether sitting or standing.
Constant working in the same position can make you exhausted & dizzy. Thus, according to the studies, a height-adjustable desk reduces the risk of heart diseases and type II disease along with preventing back pain & unhealthy weight gain. Using work from home furniture & sit stand desk also enhance mood & productivity.
Keep pressing the up & down button for 10 secs. This will reset the height adjustable desk or table to its original position. It may function properly after this. However, if it still shows an error, reach us via mail, and our team will be happy to help you with the same.

To save the memory presets,

  • Adjust the height to the desired position by using the arrow keys
  • Press & hold the button “M” till the size of the height appears on the screen
  • Press the number button to set your preferred height
The number of stages refers to the number of adjusting pillars that lift the table. The difference lies in the range of adjustment & stability when set at maximum height. 2 Stage models fit well for users with 5’10” feet or less whereas, if the user is taller than 5’10”, it is advised to use 3 stage models.
The product is designed in a way that is easy to assemble by the user. However, head on to the website for the details or go through the manual for product assembly instructions.
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