Electric Height Adjustable Desk With Monitor Shelf | 2 Layered Standing Desk

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This model is perfectly designed to add surface space with its dual shelfing feature. The large work surface of this electric standing desk measuring 1200x700mm, maximizes your workspace without sacrificing your confort! The ergonomic desk shelf keeps up to 2 monitors directly at eye level while freeing up additional space on the lower desktop for your laptop, keyboard, accessories, and more! Along with this it comes with all the other electric sit- stand desk features like control panel, smooth transition. Comes with strong and silent motors. It can lift upto 80kgs sturdily. Strong built and great design is the best part of this one.


  • Spacious Dual Surfaces
  • Prevents Objects From Falling: Comes with extra slant shelf between the 2 shelves.
  •  Electric Lifting Technology: Adjust from 730mm to 1220mm with intelligent electric lift.
  • Simple And Solid Lift: holds upto 80kgs without noise.
  • Cable Management: For neatness and good looks.


Product Category: Electric Sit-Stand Desk
Weight Capacity: 80kg (154lbs)
Width Range: 1200mm (47.2″)
Height Range: 730~1220mm (28.7″~48″)
Frame Color: Black
Max. Speed: 24mm/s
Controller Type: Button Control Panel
Power Input: 100~240V

Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 100 × 30 × 12 cm

24 reviews for Electric Height Adjustable Desk With Monitor Shelf | 2 Layered Standing Desk

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  1. Anand Nambiar

    Excellent job by JIN OFFICE By manufacturing such a unique desk.
    Its perfect for me as the 2 layers help in clearing out valuable desk space. The additonal layer can be used to keep your monitors as well as its big enough. The horizontal railframe ensures additonal stability. The railframe also has a holder type of stucture for power sockets etc

    The desk was really sturdy and smooth in movement. It also has memory presets along with usb charging for mobile. The finish of the wood was also really nice with smooth edges.

    Assembly was also really easy as all the screw holes were pre drilled so i just needed to follow the manual to do self assembly.

    Packaging of the product was great and it arrived in zero damage condition.

    When i initially started searching for a desk all the other brands had similar design and i wanted something unique and this desk was that. Very happy with the purchase decision. Looking forward to more products unique products from them.

    Image #1 from Anand Nambiar
    Image #2 from Anand Nambiar
    Image #3 from Anand Nambiar
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  2. MB

    Great product!
    Excellent quality product, which was easy to assemble, very well explained and guided. Works very well, and did so from the moment we plugged in the desk. Fits perfectly in the space and the two tiers really helps with the right position of the monitor and keyboard. Extremely happy with this product!

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  3. Kareena

    Quality table
    This table is one quality table. You can easily feel that it is a value for money product. When I used the adjustment controls, the movement totally got me. It is so smooth.

    Only thing which is disappointing a bit for me is that the product I received had scratches on it. I believe it must have happened during shipping.

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  4. Rachit Mathur

    Received a very compact box and was wondering how the table is packed. After opening the box, started assembling it. The guidances is very well organised, very easy assembly. Moreover the quality of the product is upto the mark, worth every penny.

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  5. SK

    Good product, there is scope for fine tuning
    Its a good product overall. Quality material used metal parts feel sturdy.
    In consideration of the pricing fine-tuning is necessary.
    Assembly does take time and effort; if the same type and length of screw/bolt can be used everywhere there would be a good degree of ease in assembly.
    Few things can be improved like the AC to DC power brick can be fastened next to the motor in a cleaner way now it’s bit messy. The table edge can be rounded/beveled; now it’s a sharp square which hurts at times.
    The designated position for the height controller is damage-prone; a better place would be accommodating it above the center cable hole. Need to make a cut in metal to accommodate it in there.

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  6. Debasis Pattnaik

    Excellent WFH table with Unique design
    Excellent Value , works smoothly and looks sturdy.
    3 Year warranty is great.
    Took about one hour to fit the table.
    Horizontal support frame does provide it with stability.

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  7. Keshav

    The product is of really good, worth every penny. Is same as advertised
    Quality of the product is great.
    Assembling the table will take some but , it’s all worth it

    Image #1 from Keshav
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    I am writing this review after using this table on a daily basis for over a month. The table itself is very sturdy and very ergonomic. I wish there is an easy to reach video guide on how to assemble the table. I never did any assembly work in my life and it took me around 3 hours to assemble the table (mostly my fault because I made few mistakes during assembly and have to start over thrice). The other issue I found with the table is that the plug point that came with the wire is very loose and difficult to fit in my spike. Other than these two the table had been great to use. It has enough space to take two 24 inch monitors on the top section and the bottom level is big enogh to have my keyboard, mouse, cell phone, iPad and water bottle. Still there is enough space to not make the table feel cramped. Long story short I really recommend this table for anyone that spends more than 5 or 6 hours each day at their desk

    Image #1 from NAGESHWAR RAO
    Image #2 from NAGESHWAR RAO
    Image #3 from NAGESHWAR RAO
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  9. Rajesh Garg

    This is a review after using the table for 1 week.
    For someone who hasnt installed stuff on my own, it took me almost 2 hours to setup. But the manual was clear and self explanatory. The table is really good and very functional. Its very spacious, we can easily have 2 laptops or a laptop and a PC setup. Its easy to save the height preferences and it is noise free when adjusting the height. I have recommended this to my colleagues and will definitely recommend to anyone working for long hours.

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  10. Vinoth kumar L

    The Height Adjustment is very smooth and silent
    The quality is very good.
    Well packed and detailed steps to assemble.
    A slightly elevated surface for the external monitor is the unique stuff. Perfect angle to view both the laptop and external monitor.
    At the end, great satisfaction.

    Thank you JIN OFFICE for the wonderful product.

    Image #1 from Vinoth kumar L
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  11. Abhishek Anand

    Thanks for building this.
    I really appreciate makers to build this product. It’s reallygreat and sturdy. A dual motor would have been really great. The height adjustment is simple and easy. The extended slab is really a great option for the elevated need for extra monitors. It’s really an awesome desk. Assembly took a couple of hours but that’s worth the assembled desk. Loved it!!!!

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  12. Parth

    2 layered top is the best feature
    Simply standard and best for my comfort. Easily adjust height on one click + USB port

    Image #1 from Parth
    Image #2 from Parth
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  13. Rahul Nishant

    Product is as per the expectations
    Really nice experience , though have used 2 days only, but enjoying working on it.
    Assembling video should be provided to help the users.
    Overall very good product. Thumps up to the seller.

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  14. Jatin

    Good standing table especially you want multi monitors
    It is good and stable desk. If you want to install multi monitors then it make smore sense as there is extra layer. Good support from staff. Wishing the screws were marked better. Will recommend it

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  15. Ankur Tyagi

    Quality Electric Desk at Value for Money Price
    I was trying to buy an electric desk as I do WFH but most of them were starting from 30K+ and then i started looking on Amazon and i found out this electric Desk which was value for money and Seller also had an additional coupon which was helpful. Following things i Loved about it :

    1.) Absolute Quality Product at best Value for money than rest of products out in market

    2.) Easy to Assemble – Took me Less than 30 mins.

    3.) Amazing height that can go as far as 122, also has 4 memory modes which is just wow.

    The best part of that it has two levels which would givr more than enough space for everything from monitor to keyboard and more.

    3 years warranty is really nice.

    Image #1 from Ankur Tyagi
    Image #2 from Ankur Tyagi
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  16. Surya Kiran Reddy

    An Unique & Excellent Table.
    The look of this table is unique from every others. Looks classic, even at Max hight the table is super steady, thanks to the design and the mid support plate. Quality of this product is solid. Could have been more bigger in table top dimensions. Love this table

    Image #1 from Surya Kiran Reddy
    Image #2 from Surya Kiran Reddy
    Image #3 from Surya Kiran Reddy
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  17. Anirudh

    Great and unique product and very good from cost perspective. It was easy to assemble and support from Jin office team was good.
    Overall worth buying!

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  18. Raghav

    Excellent. Met my expectations
    Good packing. Seller shipped well before the promised time and I received the product in 4 days. Easy self installation from the manual and it takes 60-90 mins. Quality and sturdiness can be seen and felt in every part. Highly satisfied.

    Image #1 from Raghav
    Image #2 from Raghav
    Image #3 from Raghav
    Image #4 from Raghav
    Image #5 from Raghav
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  19. Prathap

    Table fits very good for work from home clean seperate layer for monitor and keyboard
    Height adjust features
    Seperate table for monitor and keyboard

    Assembly – instruction good but labelling on part missing
    Little noisy while height moving

    Image #1 from Prathap
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  20. GG84

    Really sturdy height adjustable desk
    It is exactly how it’s shown in the pictures/description. The metal components are really good quality and everything has a good finish. Even the tools given for assembling is decent quality and you probably won’t need any additional tools (though having a screw driver would ease things a bit) to install. Installation instructions don’t have any description so you need to look at the photos and guess a bit but I am sure there are youtube videos to help out, just that I relied on the instructions inside the box. The screws are also well marked which makes it easier to identify which screw goes where – a tip, do not open the specific screw pack until you need those specific screws depending on which step of installation you are at.
    One issue was that some of the screws given have longer length because of which they don’t completely tighten and the button control to adjust height is abot fully fixed – i could buy screws with smaller height or course use a 3m double sided tape to get this addressed.
    Apart from this, no other concerns – quality/build/sturdiness is really good. Memory function helps remember 4 height settings so it’s easy to switch.

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  21. Suhana

    The minimum height of product itself is more than what is recommended for ergonomics. Problem exists with most of the sit stand desks. So while sitting, elbow position is not at right angle leading to problems in the long run. Otherwise, design and sturdyness is good.

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  22. Nithin Kaushik

    1. Packing was good. Came in a single box.
    2. It took 2 hrs to install.
    3. A good and sturdy table with automatic adjustable height.
    4. Space is sufficient for 2 laptops, external keyboard and mouse and monitor.
    5. iPad and mobile can be kept in the slanting area.
    6. The up down motor works like a charm. Has 4 programmable keys.
    7. The usb for phone charging has very low power output, so don’t expect much.

    Go for it.

    Image #1 from Nithin Kaushik
    Image #2 from Nithin Kaushik
    Image #3 from Nithin Kaushik
    Image #4 from Nithin Kaushik
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  23. Customer

    Hydrolic table is very helpful and nice to work
    Very nice product …

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  24. Akhilesh Naidu

    A great sturdy mechanical table with multiple functionalities
    I have been using this table for month now and it has been immensely useful during these wfh days.
    It is very sturdy and I highly recommend. All my friends have also become keen on buying this after seeing me use this.

    1. Setting up the table was very easy. The instructions were very clear.

    2. It was easy for me do cable management with the arrangements and compartments provided.

    3. the additional row on top allows me to keep the laptop at eye level which is helpful ergonomically. Also saving up space on the table.

    4. the titled area allows me keep device like ipad, mobile acting like a stand and saving up additional area on my desk.

    5. It has 4 height settings which you can fix. I have currently set only 2 one while I’m sitting and one while I’m standing. Working in both these moods have helped a lot.

    Ergonomics is very important and I would highly recommend all those who are working from home to invest in one.

    Image #1 from Akhilesh Naidu
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Q & A

what colors are available. Can i get in white table top Babu Raja Sai asked on July 27, 2022

Product and colour is exactly what is shown in images and we don't have any other colour options in this model.

Archie Sanghvi answered on July 29, 2022 store manager
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The upper tray is higher by how much? rajesh asked on May 23, 2022

5 inches

Archie Sanghvi answered on May 23, 2022 store manager
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How much weight it can bear? (I have monitor of 17kg) Naveenar asked on May 23, 2022

Weight capacity is 80 kg.
So it can easily support multiple monitor

Archie Sanghvi answered on May 23, 2022 store manager
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Can we remove horizontal railfram or use table without it?, as it will cause issue to open legs properly anirudh asked on May 23, 2022

The horizontal railframe can be removed but that will affect stability of table

Archie Sanghvi answered on May 23, 2022 store manager
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What is the dimension of the upper tray? G826 asked on May 23, 2022

Upper tray is 200mm and lower tray is 600mm from front to back.

Its 1200mm from side to side

Archie Sanghvi answered on May 23, 2022 store manager
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